Olongapo City Skills Training Center

Friday, June 06, 2008



Skills/Livelihood Training (Scholarships)

Establishment of Olongapo Technical Education Center (Gordon College) and Skills Training Center including Donations of training equipment

Benefited at least 3,500 scholars not only from Olongapo but also from neighboring towns and provinces. About 90% of graduates were employed

Created Livelihood and Cooperative Development Office (LCDO). It benefited over 2,000 and gave way to development of "Gawang Gapo" products

Donated funds to provide seed money to graduates of livelihood trainings as well as micro enterprises. Assistance range from P1, 000 to P3, 000.

Set up the Gawang Gapo Kiosks at the lobby of the City Hall and City Mall to market the products of livelihood beneficiaries

The City Government heve donated more than P25 million to its skills and livelihood training programs. It uses the entire third floor of City Hall Annex for skills training and donated Van for “Going Mobile Ako” (GMA) project

Legislations pertaining to skills/livelihood training programs have been implemented such as Resolution Approving the Skills Training Program as a Priority Project and Appropriations Ordinances for the Skills/Livelihood Training

Gives job placement assistance to graduates of skills training. Utilizes Human Resource Tracking System.

Advocates thru press releases, internet (http://olongapo-skills-training.blogspot.com/), radio and television interviews

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