Olongapo City Skills Training Center

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Virtual Welder Trainor

Training applicants line-up to try the virtual welder trainor during the inauguration of Olongapo Skills Training Center (Gordon College) at Barangay West Bajac-Bajac, Olongapo City.

Welder trainees developing their eye-hand coordination using the virtual welder trainor at Skills Training Center, 3rd floor City Hall Annex .

This training tool was developed by Training Director Edwin J. Piano (in black shirt below) to minimize the cost of welding training while ensuring that trainees have acquired the essential welding techniques.

A flashing light indicator guides trainees to the prescribed Speed of travel, an audible sound warns an error in the specified Lenght of Arc, and the dual-curve design of stainless round bar helps develop proper Angle of Electrode. It has a digital counter and/or a special rotating light to determine the number of errors committed during practice, thus only those who have proven to have mastered the welding techniques are allowed to start in the real welding machines.

Likend to Manny Pacquiao who shadow boxes to prepare for a bout, or a Jet pilot who hones his landing skills not by using real airplane but in a virtual cockpit, the virtual welder trainor develops the welder's skill and confidence without the hazards . . . not to mention the enormous cost-savings since it only uses 12VDC, instead of 300-500Amp 220VAC machines, it is lightweight and battery operated thus can be brought to remotes areas (even without electricity) and it has no consumables such as welding rods or electrodes.

Students from Columban College try their skill in the virtual welder trainor during career caravan at Barangay Barretto, Olongapo City



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