Olongapo City Skills Training Center

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Training Center receives 10 Units of PC”

Ten (10) units of computers were turned-over to the Olongapo City Training Center by Bagumbayan-a volunteer organization headed by Senator Dick Gordon which primarily aims to lend a helping hand to Filipinos who are in-need.

These computers will be used for call center trainings, basic computer trainings and for online registration of applicants for abroad, including Guam.

“We are very thankful to receive these equipment, this would surely make our work fast and efficient” City Councilor Edwin Piano, the Director of the Olongapo City Skills Training Center said. “We assure Olongapeños that we will continue to help them find jobs despite the global financial crisis”, he added.

Olongapo City Mayor James “Bong” Gordon is working vigorously to fight unemployment in the city. “We are conducting seminars and skills training for Olongapeños to increase their chances of getting hired”, he said. “We are also encouraging investors to put up businesses in the City, because investments mean jobs for our people”, he added.
The Olongapo Skills Training Center is continuously organizing trainings for welding, housekeeping and other trainings that can help the people of Olongapo to learn skills for future employment or even for own businesses.

Interested applicants may proceed at the Olongapo Skills Training Center, 3rd Floor, City Hall Annex, Olongapo City for trainings and interviews.

Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. turns-over 10 units of Computer to the Olongapo City Skills Training Center representatives , this July 13, 2009 at the Rizal Triangle Multi-Purpose Hall, Olongapo City.


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