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Friday, May 22, 2009


May 4, 2009 - May 22, 2009

PRESIDENT: Resty Liwanag Finuliar
VICE-PRESIDENT: Nicanor Jaranilla Jerao
SECREATARY: Mimi Mamaril Reyes

Troy Lopez Revadilo
Leonardo Manalili Flores
Rachel Ann Gregorio Arrabe
Lotus Alicante Puno
Jesusa Escarda Rebulanan
Jhoan Mendoza Godoy
Frederick Royo Chavarria
Rodelito Elcano Flores
Junel Jumawid Fajanilan
Mario Elevenson Gregorio
Mary Jane Español Fechalin
Erlinda Tolentino Guevarra
Richard More Lazaro
Marvin Eric Go Yape
Francis Abrina Dela Peña
Emily Gatela Gabriel
Donnabelle Adolfo Gabriel
Dante Quintana Alver
Exequiel Mergal
Maynard Emerson Go Yape



    Account no. : 5123830001072017
    Total Amount Due : 6,669.99AED

    Dear Mr./ Ms. Dante Quintana Alver,

    Our Client, FIRST GULF BANK, has referred to us your long overdue CARD
    account and engaged our legal services to CIVILLY/CRIMINALLY charge
    you as may be legally warranted, relative to your aforementioned
    obligation in the total amount of 6,669.99AED before the appropriate
    court to protect the best interest of our client.

    For your utmost consideration and guidance, your delinquent card
    account has been the subject of collection for a long period of time,
    and the DEMANDS TO PAY that you received, for the payment of your due
    and demandable obligations to FIRST GULF BANK have been unjustifiably
    ignored, hence, our said client, has FINALLY DECIDED to file in court
    the appropriate COMPLAINTS
    against you.

    In the event the said (civil/criminal) complaints are filed, the court
    on the basis of our prayer in the complaint/s, may issue a writ of
    preliminary attachment, and as a consequence of which, we may
    immediately, without notice and delay, ask the court to cause the
    COURT SHERIFF to preliminary LEVY, ATTACH, or SEIZE your real/personal
    properties, as a legal consequence of the expected favorable court’s
    decision, which if becomes final and executory, the said levy,
    attachment, seizure and/or garnishment, may be permanent, not to
    mention the penalty of imprisonment which may be imposed against you
    in the criminal aspect under the present existing law of United Arab

    To spare you of the embarrassment and inconvenience arising from such
    action, we will give you the FINAL CHANCE to pay your account out of
    court by remitting your payment to any commercial bank via telegraphic
    transfer here in the Philippines or in abroad within five (5) days
    from receipt hereof.

    We trust that you will give this matter your utmost preferential
    attention to forego of the contemplated legal action.

    Note: Please disregard this letter if you have made prior payment

    For Settlement: Please pay direct to BPI, METROBANK and BDO using your
    Savings/Current Account with a SWIFT CODE FGBMAEAA and your First Gulf
    bank Account Number.

    For Arrangement: Please call our Account Officer MR. Diaz at
    (02)556-6817/ 09262334755/ +639287531467 or email at ramramsangalang@gmail.com.

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