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Monday, March 20, 2006

Welder by Choice, Politician by Accident

Welder by Choice

Welder by Choice, Politician by Accident

A blog by an extra-ordinary person who have decided he wanted to be a welder at the age of 18 amidst offers of chance in what other’s call as more glamorous jobs.

In 1978, Edwin J. Piano graduated high school from St. Joseph’s School in Olongapo City, . . . . as early as twelve years old, Edwin finds interest in working on various family business as a helper for his father or other workers in their family business such as room rentals, transportation and automotive shop . . . this is where he got introduced and became interested in welding.

Edwin pursued his interest in welding during the search for candidates of SRF apprentice program in 1979. He vividly remembers that during the panel interview by a handful of general foreman from various shops in SRF, the first question asked was what trade would you like to be in? And my answer was: : I would like to be in welding trade sir.
So you like to be a welder, the head interviewer said, and I answered back in a firm voice . . Yes sir.

What tools have you used and where did you use them for? Another American General Foreman asked . . .

This is going to be a long list I though, then I started with basic tools I used in home repairs such as hammer, saw, pipe wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers etc., then went on with mechanics tools such as vice grip, box wrenches, adjustable wrenches, monkey wrenches, cross wrenches . . . I was ready to go on forever when the interviewer interrupted and said . . how about shop equipments? I answered, a have used oxy-acytylene torch for welding car and jeep body parts and for cutting parts like brackets and frozen bolts, I have also used an electric welding machine for spot welding minor parts in some jeepneys, tricycles and some basic home furniture made of metals such as chairs and tables.

You can be a good machinist! Said the guy whom I learned later to be the General Foreman of Mechanical Machineries Group. ( he was enticing me to work for him, apparently impressed by my work experience even at a young age.) Or an electrician said another.

But Mr. Syder, a welder foreman II who is with the welder general foreman said: He already said he wanted to be a welder, is that right son? I said, yes sir, a wanted to be a welder . .. Mr. Snyder extended his hand and said: you’re hired!

This blog was created in the ardent hope that this will inspire the new breed of workers in the Subic Bay area. With the arrival of Hanjin Heavy Industries, a USD 1B investment which is slated to built the biggest cargo ship in the world, welders will definitely play a crucial role in its success. And with welder trade as my undisputed first love, I wish to share my thoughts and experiences to motivate the new breed of welders in Subic Bay.


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